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CDC encourages the use of personal water bottles to minimize the use of water fountains.

According to the American Heart Association, drinking water helps a child’s performance and focus in school.

States across the nation (including Alabama) have pending legislation to require new schools, additions to existing schools, and renovations to install bottle stations. Safety and sanitation are mandatory not only for teachers and students, but for anyone who walks onto school grounds. Touchless, lead-free products keep your campus and community safe.

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Z6915 and ZERK Retro-kit
The economical quick way to convert your restrooms into a touchless experience!

Z6953 Sensor Faucet
Gear driven technology eliminates solenoid valves providing you with less maintenance costs.

Smart Dri
Smart Dri high speed energy efficient hand dryers featuring 10 second dry time. This energy efficient hand dryer incorporates antimicrobial technology inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Hands free Flush Valve
Motor driven technology which withstands over 500,000 cycles with a chrome plated top mount design with quiet diaphragm operation.

Hands free soap dispenser
Dispenser is available for liquid or foam soap. The wall mounted unit is battery powered for quick installation.

Connected reduced pressure backflow preventer.
Protecting our water supply against cross contamination has never bee n more important. This ZURN device with an integral wireless relief moni-tor provides high hazard protection for portable applications. The de-vice transmits real-time water discharge data and advises you by email or text of the problem to avoid catastrophic flooding from relief valve discharge.

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EPS 1230
Acorn EcoPlus portable sink
This unit adds convenient hand washing capabilities in areas not normally equipped for it. Featuring a five-gallon fresh water and a six-gallon waste tank. This unit can be supplied for young users with a 31-inch height.

Included is an electric pump and hot water heater

PS 1010
Acorn Economy portable sink
Acorn’s portable sink features foot control operation and is suitable for outdoor use.

It is also able to accommodate younger users with the optional 31-inch height

ELP 52
Acorn “Ellipse” wall mounted hand wash basin.
This two-station stainless steel unit features sensor hands free faucets and optional sensor soap dispensers

Foot operated hands-free stainless-steel hand wash station, two station, small footprint.
Available in single or three station.

RetroFit Bottle Filling Station Kit, Filtered, Non-refrigerated

This kit allows you to eliminate the bubbler on your EZH20 water cooler

EZH2O Electronic Bottle Filling Station, Surface Mount, Filtered Non-Refrigerated Stainless

EZH2O Refrigerated Bottle Filling Station with single ADA cooler, filtered

EZH2O Refrigerated Surface Mount Bottle Filling Station, Filtered 8gph stainless steel surface

EZH2O Mechanical Bottle Filling Station, surface mount, Battery Powered Filtered Non-Refrigerated Stainless

EZH2O Outdoor Bottle Filling Station, freeze resistant, wall mount, non filtered

Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station and versatile Bi-level ADA cooler, filtered refrigerated

EZH2O Liv Pro
In-Wall Commercial Filtered Water Dispenser, Non-refrigerated Available with optional remote chiller