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VCM Sales Essential Product Spotlight

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Zurn pledged 1 million dollars in hygienic products to the Health Care Industry to reduce the transfer of pathogens from surfaces to objects.

Leading the industry in sensor, hands free technology, Zurn is ready to answer this challenge as we move forward.

With newly introduced designs and finishes as well as gear driven technology which eliminates solenoid valves, Zurn is ready to combat the virus with a reliable solution to a “touchless” restroom.

Whether you need sensor flush valves, faucets, soap dispensers, hand driers or retrofit kits to convert manual flush valves to hands free technology Zurn can satisfy your requirements.

Most of these products are stocked in VCM’s warehouse for immediate shipment!

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Hands free wash stations, solid-surface or stainless-steel finish. In stock for immediate shipment.

Portable wash stations on canisters with garden hose connection, reservoirs, available with instant hot water heater.

Portable wash stations on cannisters with garden hose connection, reservoirs, available with instant hot water heater.

Vacuum plumbing systems for Health Care. This type of plumbing system allows ease of renovation with shorter time lines which will be critical as we move forward. In addition, vacuum toilets do not produce any detectable levels of bacteria on the toilet or surrounding areas like gravity toilets do.


Acorn’s complete line of eye/face washes, drench showers as well as their complete
line of thermostatic mixing valves and emergency valves work together to provide a
safe environment for all of us as well as preventing bacteria in our hot water supply

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Your “hot water solution company” has never been as important to our health and well- being. With their new complete line of tankless electric water heaters, home water
treatment systems and their new X3 filtered tankless gas water heaters, A. O. Smith is ready to deliver hot water to America!

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The newest addition to VCM’s portfolio, Niagara, might offer the best solution to elimi- nate bacteria in your house, apartment, hotel, dormitory or office. Niagara’s toilet is the most efficient in the world today. Not only does it flush on eight tenths gallon of water, the “Stealth” technology has a vacuum assist pull which not only cleans the toilet bowl; but eliminates the bacteria “flume” that escapes into the space with conventional gravi- ty toilets.

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UV light can disinfect coronavirus. EWS has a drinking water system with ultraviolet (UV) disinfection

Just imagine, chlorine or chloramine free filtered water at every sink and shower in your home! The EWS filter systems protects you from drinking or absorbing and inhaling carcinogenic water pollutants. By investing in water filtration from EWS you stop the destructive effects of chlorine or chloramine as well as the need to buy expensive bottle water. EWS Spectrum ‘Whole House’ system offers 2.5 M gallons capacity

10 year maintenance free

The industry leader for 100 years, Elkay’s introduction of the bottle water sta- tion in 2010 changed the way American’s drink water. Filtered hands free units have become the “standard” in water delivery for our society. Now, with the introduction of the “LIV” unit you can enjoyed filtered hands-free water at your office or home.

Elkay’s self-contained, Touchless hand washing station. Includes touchless
electronic faucet, touchless soap and touchless towel dispensers. On-demand water heater, 5 gallons fresh water tank and 6 gallon waste water tank con-
veniently contained within the mobile cabinet.

In addition, Elkay’s complete line of antimicrobial hand wash and scrub sinks make them a valued resource to you during these challenging times!

Elkay recommends you use Virox Preempt wipes, or Clorox commercial or healthcare wipes to clean their bottle stations

Cast solid surface or stainless-steel deep scrub sinks with offset drains which prevents bacteria in the drain from entering the sink by splashing. Available with hands free faucets and ADA compliant design.

The behavioral health condition of our population during this time is of major concern. Best Care is the leading manufacturer of ligature resistant plumbing products. These patient focused health care products include showers, soap dishes, grab bars, sinks, toilets, paper holders and floor drains. All of these are in stock for your facilities security.

Bemis / Church offers a complete line of “Dura Guard” antimicrobial plastic toilet seats with “sta-tite” stainless steel hinge systems for the medical and hospitality industries. Various lift and lift spacer features including models with safety side arms as well as their easy clean and change features make Bemis / Church your “go to” seat supplier

VCM is proud to represent three of the family members of ABG. Comfort Designs Bathware, Aquarius and Hamilton. The ABG group of companies offer our industry the largest manufacturing capacity to produce showers and bath- tubs. Already delivering 3500 showers to “pop-up” hospitals they have be- come a valued American manufacturer to us all

As our nation feels the need to add additional hand wash stations in all type facilities Chronomite’s full line of tankless electric water heaters become the solution to your hot water needs. This is a safe way to get hot water, reducing bacteria, saving space and keeping the water “hot” as we use more touchless faucets.

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