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VCM Mississippi has a new email for orders!!

VCM Sales, Inc.  in order to ensure our customer service and instill confidence in our customer base, we have begun to implement a few new policies focused on order submittals and customer pick-ups.  Starting June 6, 2016 we will no longer be accepting phone orders, all orders will need to be submitted with a hard copy. All purchase orders can be faxed to (601) 352-4911 or emailed to as well as brought into the office for processing. Along with the updated order process, all customer pick-up orders will need to be picked up within one week of arrival or each item will be put back into stock and sold on a first come basis.  This is a focused effort to limit billing discrepancies and ensure accurate as well as timely deliveries.  As an organization we always strive to improve and innovate ensuring that we provide the best in customer service and satisfaction with great products at a great price.  Thank you for your continued support and all that you do.

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